New pictures/pigeons:






Johny with his topbird "De 801"

1 National acepigeon country cup long distance

1 National Champion KBDB 2011
heavy middle distance

3 National Champion KBDB 2011

6 National Acepigeon KBDB 2011
heavy middle distance with Fado



Magda, Johny and Yves

The combination Jonckers Johny & Yves stands for Johny Jonckers his wife Magda and his son Yves.

Since Johny Jonckers went on retirement is he the man who takes the most efforts in the daily care of the pigeons.  But the help of his wife Magda has to be put in the picture.  Cleaning out the water bins, cleaning the lofts,... she does it all with a lot of love and passion.  This all mean that the pigeons get a five stars treatment... 

Wherever son Yves can help, he will do it without a blink !